Android Camera Pro Control v2.1.2


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Camera Pro Control v2.1.2 Requirements: 4.4 Overview: Camera Pro Control is an app that lets you control your DSLR and other cameras to get the most out of your pictures. Download and share your creations in an easy way. Connect your camera via usb or wifi. You can even use your mobile hotspot if you are on the go. Features: Tethered shooting Liveview Change exposure (iso, aperture, shutter) Change drivemode, metering, picture style and whitebalance Change image format Manual focus Exposure simulation Ae bracketing (done in SW if not available on camera, like D3400) Focus bracketing Filters (focus peaking, show highlights, show contrast) Overlays (rule of thirds, spiral, ...) Auto iso for Nikon Movie recording (usb connection required for most cameras) Timer settings for interval shooting Bulb mode Set mirror up (Canon only) Control speedlite (Canon only) See current histogram See roll and pitch (Canon only) Use app in portrait or landscape mode What's New: * support for sony cameras * adaptions for Android 10 This app has no advertisements More Info:
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