1. DilawerRizvi


    Assalam o Alaikum all brothers and sisters. I am new here. My Real Name is Syed Ali Haider Mashadi . My friends call me Dilawer in love. I am a student of Masters in special education from Allama Iqbal open university Islamabad. I am from Sialkot. I am member youth assembly for human rights of...
  2. Mr. A

    Web Development (English) 01 - Introduction

    HTML5 and CSS3 Create a Website in HTML CSS and PHP Tutorial Let Us Begin With The First Page Web Development (English) 01 - Introduction <div align="center"> <iframe width="960" height="540" frameborder="0" src="!qhcRTQRa!bUbPPCKS5Wv1M9NU8QYPJsSNplghOFbjddnvhZkPx5o"...
  3. Nauman_Khan

    About Me

    I love blogging and blogging is my life, I am a very moody and emotional type of person but have a caring nature if u spend some time with me,then I Promise U are really enjoy and celebrate Lot of fun :-D I hate lier people and overacting, so be careful. I know I am the best its n0t over...
  4. Mr. X

    WordPress (English) 01: Introduction WordPress

    UDEMY Learn Wordpress 4 from Scratch Create Awesome Websites Tutorial Class Introduction Wordpress <div align="center"><iframe width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" src="!Og8SQCTD!UT-dxs-4DIyWgphZpiif2Yw5NHLVpuIa7G_5hHDYjA0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>